********************* MINIMAL TEMPLATE *********************
The template's name: Minimal.

Pastel template in black arranges your posts into a masonry layout or commonly known as Pinterest layout, This allows the posts images to take full height.
Each post area is a two column design with a right sidebar. The entire template is mobile-friendly and fully responsive (use and/or to test out the responsiveness) which makes transitioning from one device to another easy!
The design simple, modern and include minimal colors, the post area is 696px in width and has been optimized for the pictures to take the full width of the post as long as they're set to the "Original Size", the sidebar is 240px wide.

  • Header text.
  • Customized menu bar, scrolls with page
  • Customized post bottom, date and popular posts.
  • Customized comments section (see first post).
  • Customized highlighted text, (select any text on the template).
  • 14x4 Customized social media buttons with a transparent background in 4 colors + black.
  • Fully responsive Design (use and/or to test out the responsiveness).
  • Custom Blockquote (example).
  • A small credit design at the bottom of this template.
  • Sidebar round profile image (you just have to upload a picture in the Image widget and you're done). 
  • The text in the post area is always justified unless changed while writing/editing a post.

✩✩✩The template contains: 
  • 14x4 colors social media buttons + black.
  • XML template file.
  • Installing Guide.
  • Simple code for the social media in a text file.

Tested on the latest versions of the 4 most used browsers

If you have any questions, contact me at:

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